January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

On a local level, Clackamas county is second only to Multnomah county in the state of Oregon in human trafficking incidents detected in 2018-19. Our communities have endured situations of our youth being entrapped, stories are published in the Pamphlin Media and Oregonian. We found multiple examples in our communities of the public trying to stop the situation.

Cudos to Milwaukie Rotary, A Village for One, and other volunteers for raising awareness that January 11th is Stop Human Trafficking Day by having a dedicated kiosk at Clackamas Town Mall to pass out literature and speak with the community.

KGW recently covered the Junior League of Portland’s January 11th workshop bringing advocates together to tackle human trafficking. https://www.jlpdx.org/community/stop-human-trafficking-committee/ and http://www.kgw.com/video/news/crime/tackling-human-trafficking-in-oregon/283-618b927c-959a-4be3-bc62-b94c351b723a?jwsource=cl  The Oregon Department of Justice and Oregon Department of Human Services published for the first time numbers acknowledging this issue. 746 victims of human trafficking occurred in Oregon between 2018 and 2019. 

The US State Department produced an informative report on the US being #1 in sex trafficking, with 60% of American child sex slaves coming out of foster care. https://www.state.gov/policy-issues/human-trafficking/ last accessed 1/19/2020. 

Please watch the attached YouTube video, In Plain Sight: Human Trafficking and help change the future!

In Plain Sight: Human Trafficking